About Me

A little about me…..

I spent 15 yrs in the exciting casino world but once I escaped from the grueling schedule, I wanted to LIVE.  I have taken positions giving me time with my husband & best friend to go to concerts, events, & mostly importantly, TRAVEL. I decided to take the 2 things I love & combine them into a new career. I am becoming a world traveler, an essays writer, and a traveladvisor.


How I got started…..

Other places & other cultures have always fascinated me but I never had the ability to experience them. I have a degree in English, which I blame on my never quenched thirst for reading. The written word is everything. I am a naturally creative person so photography is another interest that played right into this endeavor.




Bucket List…..

As I am getting older, I understand the idea of a bucket list. There are many things that would have been on the list had I ever made one. My list now is places. Italy, Greece, Ireland, Scotland, Romania, & New Zealand are just the beginning.